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Sonic/DBZ OC: Cryogen the Dragon by SonicXAnimefan
Sonic/DBZ OC: Cryogen the Dragon
Playing Dragon Ball Z games + boredom = this

Name: Cryogen
Species: Dragon (originally Frieza's race/Arcosian)
Age: Undetermined, but physical is 30
Rank: Captain
- Final Form
- Death Beam
- Death Wave
- Death Ball
- Supernova
- Destructive Ray

Flight is common. Strength is only matched by other powerful species. Tail can be used as a spear. When in Final Form, his body absorbs the armor into the body.

Cryogen was one of the last Arcosian warriors, before the race perished into extinction. After getting sent through a portal with 4 squadmates, Cryogen and the Cold 5 landed on a future Mobius, where they hope to complete their mission of enslaving other species. His caring for the survival of his species depends on his leadership skills, and the respect of his Cold 5.

Cryogen the Dragon belongs to me :iconsonicxanimefan:
ARK OCs: Nix Ungue and Red Tip the Utahraptor by SonicXAnimefan
ARK OCs: Nix Ungue and Red Tip the Utahraptor
I been playing ARK: Survival Evolved for about 200 hours now. The game is awesome. Playing with teammates and fighting chinese clans on the other side of the map with dinosaurs and guns is pretty badass.

Name: Nix Ungue
Species: Panthera uncia aka snow leopard
Age: 19
Ark purpose: Survivor

Name: Red Tip
Species: Utahraptor
Age: 3 years old
Ark purpose: Dinosaur


Artist | Student | Other
United States
Born: September 1, 1994

Likes: Gaming, dinosaurs, art

Nature: Solitary, Carnivorous, Misanthropic

Art Style: Pencil, colored pencil, baseless

Unlike most people with Autism, they do not not yet understand the power of a natural disorder powering their nervous system and intelligence. It increases self-esteem when they are happy and balanced, but decrease rapidly when emotionally imbalanced. It also boosts the schoolwork brainpower.

Unfortunately, this comes at a cost. I myself, the only who tested the power of a disorder, realized, that 75% of humans are judgemental towards you. I lack a social life, never dare to have one in real life.

BIO: Born in the great state of Michigan in 1994, I was a simple little boy living in a giant world of curiosity, but occasionally landed me in trouble in my younger years. At 4 years old, I was introduced to my brother, who was cool brother back then. For 3 years, me and my family lived in Michigan, sometimes travelling to Mexico, my mom's birthplace. At 7 years old, after homeschool ended, my mom decided to take me to an actual school. But there, teachers tested me, and it would be 7 years later they found out I have Asperger's syndrome. But during my 7th year as a child, my parents had issues with family business between each other, which resulted in us moving all over the place. We eventually landed in Port Huron, near Lake Huron. After finally being put into an actual school, I was a immediately welcomed by the other kids, but mostly guys, because being a young boy, we were very aggressive towards the girls. However, I didn't like my teachers, as I always get lectured. Continuing on from Elementary, to Middle, and eventually High School. But then, for me, shit hit the fan.

My parents revealed to me they divorced years ago, and my mom wanted to take me and my brother away from our true home, back to her homeland. This resulted in a year long custody battle between my mom and my dad, which she used my Autism against me, keeping it a secret in hopes I will ally with her against my dad. Her lies however, were acted out, as I was forced to work against my own dad, in most disgusting ways. When 2010 neared its end, my dad saw how I was being used as a tool for my mom's plan, and took video record of me attempting to contemplate suicide at school. I was heavily damaged mentally, no one to turn to, no one would make it all go away. I had very severe breakdowns. But then, my dad won the custody battle, which infuriated my mom so much, she wanted to jump off the Blue Water Bridge and kill herself as well. Luckily, my dad had the cops to stop her. But because of this, my mom tried to use her last ditch efforts in order for me to come back with her. I refused. Afterwards, she disappeared, never to be heard of again.

After a month of getting away from all that depression crap, I found DeviantArt, and found my old art skills to be useful, and took advantage of drawing animal characters. Unfortunately, my mom started to come back via Facebook, trying her tricks up her sleeve, but I caught on very well. Around this time, I learned of why mom could easily manipulate her oldest son, so using my Asperger's Syndrome as a weaponized gift, I told her to go away, and only come back when you are well. But, she did more damage: She had a 3rd child, to REPLACE me and my brother. Insulting!!! I will never go back to her now after that.

After doing DeviantArt for almost 4 years, I am finally graduated from high school, and have done 2 college semesters. But now, my story has yet to continue.

STATUS: In a relationship

Star Wars Stamp by ChimeraDragonfang Force Unleashed 2 Stamp by Allendra3 KotOR Stamp by Isriana Clone Wars by VVraith Star Wars The Clone Wars Stamp by dA--bogeyman
Mass Effect 3 Stamp by Krubbus
Primal Carnage Stamp by Gun345Primal Carnage Novaraptor Stamp by Acro-SethyaPrimal Carnage Spinosaurus Stamp by Acro-SethyaPrimal Carnage Dilophosaurus Stamp by Acro-SethyaPrimal Carnage Tyrannosaurus Rex T-Rex Stamp by Acro-SethyaPrimal Carnage Carnotaurus Stamp by Acro-SethyaPrimal Carnage Pteranodon Stamp by Acro-Sethya
DayZ by ZangRap
Call of Duty 5 World At War by 3enzo
Halo Stamp by darkdisciple-stamps .:Halo 3:. by UndeadWhiskey Halo Reach Stamp by SuperFlash1980 ODST Stamp by GAMEKRIBzombie
Sonic SatAM Fan Stamp by LinkMasterXP
Red Dead Redemption stamp by 5-3-10-4
Palaeontology Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Jurassic Park stamp by Blue-Fox
The Hobbit 1977 by takeryukali + Friendship IS Magic by Mistralla = EPIC CROSSOVER!!!!

Real life likes-
World War 2
Cold War
Video games

Xbox player, Steam player, high school graduate and College student looking into art.

Star Wars and Sonic buds 4 life :iconastronovi:

My dinosaur friend :iconthewolfdragon21:

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